A Road Trip and Travel Plans

Hi all! Well, somehow we find ourselves a quarter of the way through 2022. How did that happen, right? Well, it’s gone pretty quick because of what has happened in the world. Covid fluctuations, we’re more than a month into the Ukrainian War, I think there were some Olympics, Shane Warne passed away (again, a month ago already), several other sad deaths in the world of celebrity-ville, the world IS slowly opening up – the United Kingdom has basically done away with all restrictions and right now you don’t even need a Covid Test to enter. It’s really been a whirlwind three months.

On a personal level, I’ve worked a heck of a lot of hours, had Covid, nearly bought a new car but didn’t want to part with the money, and I have had two getaways as well, one overnight trip to Mount Baw Baw in Victoria, and I recently returned from a longer one of around a week where I drove from Melbourne to the Buchan Caves in Gippsland, then to Merimbula in south-eastern New South Wales, then to Australia’s highest mountain Mount Kosciusko before returning home. All in the middle of the highest petrol prices I have ever seen.

So I wanted to do a bit of an update post for you all. The next few weeks I’m planning on writing and sharing about these two trips. The main trip I must admit was not what I had had planned – I had planned to go to Northern New South Wales, a much longer drive, to a place called Nambucca Heads. In fact, I had accommodation booked there but in this part of Australia –  southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales, they have had some of the worst floods I have seen (on TV I wasn’t there) in my lifetime with whole towns being swept away. Although not specifically where we had planned to go, it was the general region and it just wasn’t reasonable to head to this part of the country, as access may have been limited and people are rebuilding lives. In fact, Lismore, a town extremely badly affected by the floods, just getting back on its feet last week was facing more flooding. It’s a real nightmare and thousands upon thousands of people have had lives seriously affected by the floods.

So it was with a heavy heart that another trip planned in the last 2.5 years was, well not lost this time but replaced I guess. It was nice to just head to Merimbula, a coastal town, and relax for a few days. Did a little snorkelling, didn’t see too much but the water was really warm considering the daytime temperatures were in the low to mid 20s. Not a lot of dining options, but we had a couple of nice meals and stayed in a great town house/unit with loads of space.

Also on the trip the first night we spent in Nowa Nowa, close to the Buchan Caves which were discovered in the early 20th century and I took a tour which showed me some of the most awesome rock formations – including loads of stalagmites and stalactites. It was really rewarding.

And also we stopped at the town of Thredbo where we ascended to the very top of Australia, Mt Kosciuszko – Australia’s tallest mountain. So it was actually still a fair bit packed into a single week. There will be blog posts and vlogs on all of these – but I expect the vlogs will be up in July sometime. My Mt Baw Baw vlogs will be up first and there will be quite a few new Melbourne Revealeds coming up from the start of May. I’ve taken in a few sights at Werribee, the Eureka Tower, ACMI and Crown Casino THUS FAR and I need to shoot a couple more to take us through into June.

As for plans, well, I have a short three night getaway booked for April in the Gold Coast. Later in the year I am thinking of heading to the Murray River and the town of Echuca probably around August and then I think late October or early November another short getaway if I can not sure where to but again it will be domestic (most likely) maybe to Sydney. We will see though because the world is an unpredictable place right now, extremely unpredictable.

So I may have mentioned that going overseas was on the cards for the second half of the year. Well, that’s off the tables – a bit of family pressure rather than a personal choice to be frank but it is what it is. So for now the plan is first half of 2023, so if I am lucky I am less than a year away from finally going overseas again. No plans to let on where I might be going and for how long right now – my plans have changed more times than I have fingers and toes, so I don’t want to jinx anything any more than it has already been jinxed!

So anyways, thanks for popping by today! Take care for now wherever you may be in the world, and May the Journey Never End!


10 thoughts on “A Road Trip and Travel Plans

    1. yes I know exactly how I got it and from whom, and who they got it from (it was at work). Sadly it’s possible to get it more than once, heard of a couple of people who got it three times. Let me tell you being vaxxed made a huge difference as to how ill I got I believe (partner got it too, not vaxxed, WAY sicker and for longer).

  1. Hi Andy, Sorry you had Covid. Hope you’ve recovered well. Shocking about the floods– it’s so dry here but a reminder how scary torrential rain can be. Glad you got away and had an enjoyable trip. The caves look amazing. Hopefully we will all be traveling internationally and more easily soon.

    1. well Victoria didnt see much rain, although this week we’ve had a bit. such an unpredictable thing. Caves were great new post on them in the works, and vlogs about the trip should be dropping July. Thanks for popping by and supporting!

    1. Ahh well this country is so big there are plenty of other options. Saved me from driving three times as far I guess, which with the petrol prices what they were in March, is a good thing, as we paid over 2 bucks a litre regularly. Prices have fallen since due to oil going down a bit and the government cutting the fuel excise.

  2. Domestic travel is always an excellent alternative to going international– more of a reason to explore and appreciate your home country! That’s what I’ve been doing in the past two years during the pandemic: exploring nearby US states and my home state of California. International travel will come sooner than anticipated, so patience is virtue!

    1. well it will, I hope, be 2023 soon enough and there’s so much planning for the sort of travel I do and so many options, part of me is glad to have that time to prepare! Thanks for reading Rebecca!

  3. Hey, I am glad you went on these trips but I’m sorry that you have to postpone your international trip. I hope you are feeling better

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