Andy goes CAMPING!

Folks, you might think of me as someone, over the years, who has sought out more comfortable places to stay compared to my earlier travelling years as a backpacker. And for sure the average cost of a night’s stay has increased for me as the years have progressed. One thing I have never been a big fan of is camping. I slept under the stars on a tour in 2018, that’s the last time I didn’t sleep inside a building, but I thought it would serve as an interesting vlog to give it a go again!

So I took my tent to a place called Glen Cromie, a campground in Gippsland near Drouin west. It’s a proper campground where you pay to stay, but that also means there are plenty of facilities which made it a whole lot easier. Anyways – enjoy the video!

Thanks for popping by! May the Journey Never End!


16 thoughts on “Andy goes CAMPING!

  1. Yes, is does HAHAHA Like the saying: Camping is where you spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person. BUT: the songbirds gave you a really nice show in the morning, nothing to compare with that!

      1. Not sure about the fees elsewhere, but some parks in Canada charge you a little fortune for a camping site, if you are lucky enough to get it LOL But if you like camping, some of them are amazingly beautiful, reason they are so popular.

      2. I don’t like camping with a tent, but I do like going around with a caravan or motorhome. My parents bought one and that’s really nice. Went to Italy a few times with excellent views of lake garda. But I can imagine it’s beautiful in Canada, too. Very scenic.

      3. there are plenty of free options in Australia, albeit without facilities generally, if you head out into the bush and away from civilisation. But I must admit to not fancying that too much!

      4. There are some free options in Canada too, on the crown’s land, if you know where to check these, but definitely in the in the wild😆

  2. I don’t like camping. I camped 3 times and didn’t like it all 3 times. 1st time there was this animal somewhere in the bushes and scared the s*** out of me, 2nd time I camped for an entire week and had such bad back pain and couldn’t sleep and 3rd time somehow slugs crawled into my shoes and all the mosquitos in the area seemed to live in my tent. Nope, not for me and I don’t like going to the loo in the dark. I think it’s really cool though that you had a bbq there for everyone to use and those little shelters with benches.

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