Three Youtubers to Check Out!

Hi all! This post is a shout out to two blogger friends of mine I who have either recently started a YouTube Channel, and (in the other case!) have had one for a while but recently decided to dedicate time to working on it. These channels obviously are travel based, I’m sharing one video each, but please check out more and of course, SUBSCRIBE to their channels if they take your fancy!

1: Rochelle Knight from Adventures of Elle

Rochelle has recently started her YouTube Channel, and is heading fast towards 300 subscribers. She is a doctor in Jamaica, and so her videos are, thus far, all in Jamaica and she does a wonderful job of showing off her homeland! She has a brilliant blog and now her YouTube Channel is taking off!

2: Travels of BBQ and Spanky

Frank and Lisette are ex-pats currently living in Spain, but have lived in various places in Europe. He shares videos from a number of different countries. He runs a brilliant blog and now he’s working on his YouTube Channel as well. This is his introductory video!

And of course, I am always hoping for more subscribers for my little channel I’ve been plugging away with this year.

Thanks for popping by, May the Journey Never End!


4 thoughts on “Three Youtubers to Check Out!

  1. BBQboy

    Thanks for the mention Andy! I’m aiming to be #1 next time so I’ll be practicing my swimwear poses 🙂

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