Adventure in Cameroon Part Two – Limbe, Bamenda and the Ring Road

Folks, a few weeks ago I presented my first video from the cutting room floor of travel vlogs from Cameroon, a West African country which I thoroughly enjoyed travelling muchos years ago.

Today I have a second video from Cameroon seeing me head north from Limbe and Douala to the Anglophone part of the country. I take in Limbe and its incredible primate-filled wildlife sanctuary, and also explore the Ring Road area based in Bamenda. Hopefully I provide you with plenty of beautiful vistas and a little slice of life with how it was, nine and a half years ago now, travelling in an exceptional country.

You will see me travelling in parts of the country that today are in strife thanks to violence which seems to be aimed at the English-speaking people of Cameroon. English and French are two of the official languages of Cameroon and the different languages seem to divide the country in some ways. Keep in mind that things were peaceful in 2011 when I was there. And be aware that now things are quite different. For more information on the basically civil war the country finds itself in check out my post – Cameroon in Crisis.

Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!


4 thoughts on “Adventure in Cameroon Part Two – Limbe, Bamenda and the Ring Road

  1. When you are saying the resort is overpriced, how much was it? And omg, how many people were in that car to Bamenda? Not my cup of tea travel choice to be perfectly honest. A bit too adventurous for me, but super interesting to see and learn more about.

    1. Its an adventure, but it can be hard at times. Cant remember the exact price but it was basic accommodation. And it was like 35 euros I think but it was a room. I had to ask for them to put a toilet seat on the toilet.

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