From Around the Web – Russia Today

Folks. It was 2011 I think that I really had a good look at the cable new network Russia Today, or RT for short. I think I had seen it earlier, but travelling through ex-Soviet Central Asia, it was pretty much the main English-language news channel. Some guy was playing loud music and dancing in the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC trying to get arrested. It was honestly the most bizarre thing on TV that day and it stuck in my mind ever since.

One thing’s for sure, RT is more about propaganda than the news. It’s fiercely pro-Russia and pro-Putin, but then it is based in Russia. The fact that they employ Aussies, Americans and Brits amongst others to deceminate news in English struck me as odd. And there is a definite right-wing bias to it all as well, along with what feels like a deliberate attempt at dis-information. I wonder how many watch it and take it as it claims to be. And I wonder WHO they are too!

Our favourite neighbourhood Russian recently did a vlog about this channel, so I thought it might be a great idea to share his thoughts on it! Enjoy!

Have you watched this ‘news’ channel? Please do comment! Thanks for popping by and May the Journey Never End!


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