Melbourne Revealed – Queen Victoria Market

Yes! It’s here – the first episode of my new YouTube Series – ‘Revealing Melbourne’. The idea on this one is that will explore parts of Melbourne, at times by myself other times there will be a special guest along for the ride. Hopefully a bit of humour will meld with the interesting surrounds to present a video that is ‘revealing’ and also entertaining!

Episode One sees me team up with Tim Blight of Urban Duniya and we take a look at the Queen Victoria Market. The biggest and best known of all of Melbourne’s markets, it sells a combination of fresh produce (primarily) and other goods as well.

Come and see just what it’s like, and while you do, you can also be treated to some hilarious puns (warning – you may not find the puns as funny as we did!). This is just the first episode, through 2021 I plan to bring you many more. I also plan to present more of my past travels as well as I work through the old tapes, but the goal now is to release a video a week. You will find them drop before the post like this one featuring them, that is one day before at 12am Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time. On the Tube of You!


You can find more of Tim’s Videos here – Urban Duniya YouTube Channel.

Thanks for popping by – May the Journey Never End!


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