More Intrepid Travel Bloggers and Vloggers!

Howdy All. I had no idea I had interviewed so many people! Honestly!

So today is my third instalment looking back at the incredible, amazing, brilliant travellers I have interviewed in 2020. In fact there will be a FOURTH part next week!

Iraq, Saudi-Arabia, Where Has AMAZAING Travel Blogger Tim Blight Been?

Tim Blight – I have been reading Tim’s blog for well over seven years now, since before I moved my blog to WordPress I think, and I was certainly still living in Japan when I began reading it. Tim tries to split his life between Melbourne and Lahore, Australia and Pakistan, but in 2020 that hasn’t been possible. Nevertheless, he has moved his efforts towards YouTube over the last two or so years, where he built a following of nearly 5 thousand followers. So this time around I focussed my interview more on this aspect of what he does! As always he’s brilliant, engaging and always open!

Talking Cruise and Travel – Interview with Anna from The World of Cruise and Travel

Anna’s blog, as the title suggests, is a travel blog with a focus on the world of cruises. I personally have NEVER been on a cruise, but before 2020 I thought it might not be a bad way to travel for a while. Anna makes cruises come alive and her posts are always fun and engaging! Another fantastic blog!

Still Dreaming of Travel – An Interview with Travel Blogger Ayla Boswell!

Ayla Boswell – I’ve been following Ayla’s blog for a few years now. She is energetic and puts a lot into her blog. She hails from sunny California, and although she hasn’t been able to travel as she would have liked in 2020, she still dreams of travel.

Mountains and Adventures – Interview with Travel Bloggers Maggie & Richard from ‘Monkey’s Tale’!

Monkeys Tale – Maggie and Richard run a brilliant travel and hiking blog. Their treks are next level, if not the one above that! From India and Nepal, to Canada and everything in between, they share stunning photos with comprehensive tales of all they did and saw!

Thanks for popping by today – please do check these guys out! Take care, and May the Journey Never End!


5 thoughts on “More Intrepid Travel Bloggers and Vloggers!

  1. I follow a few of these bloggers, too! Love that you’ve interviewed them in the past. Can’t wait for more bloggers listed in the next post!

  2. Hi Andy. Terrific interviews and interesting bloggers. I got a ‘page not found’ when I clicked the link for Anna – the cruise blogger. I’ve followed 2 of the bloggers on Instagram. Many thanks for the referrals

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