The History of City Rumble!

Howdy all. City Rumble is a concept for a blog post I came up with a few years back now. Since then, I’ve done over 15 of these posts, probably more, and the feedback I have received shows that this is possibly my most popular string of posts. So I thought I would share a list of all the ones I’ve done – well, most of them. I realise this year I only did two this Year.

The main reason for sharing these is this – I have a prospective plan to start with this lot, take the winners and start a round two, eventually getting down to a grand final and crown the winner of the greatest city in the world. For travel.  We shall see! Anyways have a look at some of these daring face offs!

2020 –

In 2020 I only did a couple, strangely. Well, I had already done so many, but this I just did a couple which were based on cities I had travelled to late the previous year. The weird and wonderful cities of Central Asia, and a view on the two bigger cities in Spain and Portugal that I visited.

Ashgabat Versus Dushanbe

Barcelona Versus Lisbon

2019 –

Only three in 2019, and one of them I did between two fictional cities, which I thought would be a different and amusing idea.

King’s Landing versus Winterfell

Kolkata versus Dhaka

Berlin Versus Moscow

2018 & Before..

A few choice picks here from a little longer ago including one I did on the ancient cities I’ve visited in Myanmar and Cambodia. I think the Shanghai versus Tokyo was in fact the most popular of all the ‘City Rumbles’ I’ve done!

Cairo Versus Amman

Moscow Versus St Petersburg

Melbourne Versus Sydney

Budapest Versus Bucharest

Buenos Aires Versus Rio De Janeiro

Dubai Versus Astana

Shanghai Versus Tokyo

Ancient City Rumble – Bagan Versus Angkor

Bishkek Versus Tashkent

Quito Versus Lima So keep your eye out for round two next year as we eliminate cities one by one! Thanks for popping

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