2020 in Photos

Well folks. The year is all but done here and frankly, there’s very little to show for it. I would love to show you my photos of the amazeballs time I had in the Philippines in May, or on my trip to the Gold Coast or Tasmania in the second half of the year, but I HAVEN’T BEEN ANYWHERE ALL YEAR!

Such is life, right? Nevertheless, today I have put together a small collection of photos of my life this year. With a little description for you too. Enjoy!

Melbourne Aquarium, I think this was January. With very little anticipation about just how balls up this year was going to turn out to be. Today the thing has been closed since March. Possibly there are plans for it to reopen soon.

Traveled on a day trip to Geelong around the same time. This is one place we can go nowadays as restrictions have been greatly lifted. It’s nick-named ‘Sleepy Hollow’. There are reasons.

A visit to Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance. Around February I think. Corona-virus was definitely being talked about by this stage. See also – Melbourne’s Beautiful Shrine of Remembrance!

Great Ocean Road – also January. Popped along with friend of the blog Gino Pop on a lovely summer’s day. It was mid-January as the Australian Open was happening at the time. See also – Victoria’s Twelve Apostles.

Mid year now. Taking an afternoon walk around nearby Karkarook Park. Late afternoon as the sun sets. We were in lockdown and only allowed out for exercise (it was a couple of kilometres around the lake), shopping, essential work and… there was a fourth reason, slips my mind!) Remained in some sort of serious lockdown until the end of October.

31st of October, finally allowed out! I took the chance on a pretty cold October day to head back into the city for the first time in well over six months and purchase a koala puppet – meet Kon the Koala! To have a chicken parmigiana and to shoot some stuff for a vlog! Ahhh the sweet taste of a tiny bit of freedom!

Thanks for popping by today! Hope you are staying safe wherever you may be of course. Take care, and May the Journey Never End!


17 thoughts on “2020 in Photos

  1. Nice roundup post! I wanna create a version of this in my website as well. And I hope you will be able to visit the Philippines anytime soon! You’re gonna like it here! 😊

  2. Looks like you still did and saw a lot in these past 12 months! You may not have traveled internationally, but you did see the beauty of your own home country. Australia is gorgeous, and it’s one part of the world I’d like to go visit some day!

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