City Rumble – King’s Landing Versus Winterfell

Westeros is a land of many variables and different climates. It’s certainly a great land of citadels and castles, such as Casterly Rock and the serene Highgarden. But perhaps the two places with the biggest differences are the capital. King’s Landing, and the main town of the north, Winterfell.

I know what you’re going to say – Winterfell cannot really compete with the grandeur, location, activities of King’s Landing. I mean, Winterfell simply does not have any notable famous sites, whereas King’s Landing obviously has the Great Sept (under reconstruction), the Red Keep (under reconstruction), the Dragon Pit and of course, famous Blackwater Bay.

Winterfell is also not coastal as King’s Landing is. It doesn’t have beaches, and is not a great place for sunbathing. It does have a very important and historic Weirwood tree though, that’s got to count for something. And as the North has recently declared its independence from the other kingdoms, it has political significance.

From Winterfell you can take a tour with any one of many reputable companies to the Wall. Yes, it’s mostly still there, bar a section destroyed by Viserion. You can discover where the White Walkers broke through, visit historic castle black, and even take the black for a few days (for a fee) if that’s your bag. Why not spend a night in Crastor’s Keep? Discover the land that the giants once walked!

The taverns of Winterfell perhaps are not the classiest of all, and the fare served up is not the most delicious or nutritious on the isle of Westeros, but it is good, hearty fare that will warm you belly. Not to mention some of the best ale you’ll find in all the land. And winter tends to last a long long time – which is great because winter sports are just taking off. The Moat Cailin to Winterfell cross country track is one of the most popular ski tracks in the area.

The Great Sept of Baelor. How it used to look!

Now, King’s Landing may have all the landmarks (well, sort of these days), but there are some major downsides. Firstly, it gets attacked quite a bit, and there are no guarantees on your safety (a good travel insurance policy is a must). Whilst there is a lot of entertainment – frequent beheadings, festivals, religious ceremonies such as the walk of shame, and according to Tyrion Lannister the best brothels in all the land, the sewerage system apparently just can’t cope with the million or so people who live there. Okay, lived there.

Let’s be honest, at the moment King’s Landing is a smouldering cinder. The rebuilding effort is going to take an awful long time and most who were there during the last attack aren’t any more. Plus, and I know some may disagree, but in my opinion Dubrovnik is very similar without all the issues. Yeah, I know I am down on Dubrovnik a lot, but honestly, if you want King’s Landing without the smell or dust, you could do a lot worse!

So all in all, mostly on the fact that there’s not much left of King’s Landing, I’m handing this City Rumble to Winterfell. Just you know, rug up for it and you’ll be fine! Thanks for reading – May the Journey Never End!

8 thoughts on “City Rumble – King’s Landing Versus Winterfell

  1. BBQboy

    One of your most interesting city rumbles ever Andy. Should I be worried about any medication you may or may not be taking?

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