Halong Bay – Through My Lens

Hi all. Well, the year is slowly but surely coming to a close and we can all hope for a better 2021 as this year has been… hard, at best. So today I want to take you to one of the most beautiful spots you can find on this globe, a brilliant destination where travellers hop on board a boat, as I did a few years back now, and float around this amazing destination. Vietnam’s Halong Bay though is not best summed up in words, rather in pictures…

Heading into Halong Bay
Out the back of the boat

I hope these photos took you to a calm and relaxing place! Like Halong Bay is! Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!


11 thoughts on “Halong Bay – Through My Lens

  1. I agree, it’s one of the most beautiful spots anywhere. I did an overnighter on one of the boats and was the first one up to enjoy the light finding the bay. We jumped off the deck to swim in late afternoon. Unforgettable!

  2. The particular relief of these hills rising out of the water makes the place very attractive, it is one of the places I would like to see in Vietnam.

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