Best Flight Reviews of 2020!

Hi all/ I need to start this post by mentioning that in 2020, for the first time probably since 1999 I have not taken a single flight. Which is pretty sad all said. Hopefully 2021 sees me take to the skies again – fingers crossed! However I do want to go through the flight reviews I did which are actually for my trip in late 2019, and rank the top five for you as tis the season to do review style post!

So in reverse order, let’s do it!

Number 5 – Ryan Air Seville to Lisbon

Look, Ryan Air wasn’t ever going to be the best flight of the year, but it was everything I needed it to be. I had a nice seat in the front row with heaps of leg room, I prepaid everything to avoid nasty fees at the airport which Ryan Air are famous for. The flight itself ended by flying over Lisbon which was especially picturesque. Nothing to complain about in the end.

Flight Review Ryan Air – Seville to Lisbon

Number 4 – Qantas Singapore to Melbourne

The Qantas flight was unremarkable but it was an overnight flight taking me back to my home country and I managed to sleep on it despite having slept at the airport for a few hours.

Flight Review – Qantas Brings me Home

Number 3 – Singapore Airlines – Melbourne to Singapore

This flight was very solid indeed. Comfortable, during the day with a good entertainment system, not outstanding but very solid.

Flight Review – Singapore to Melbourne

Number 2 – Emirates Lisbon to Dubai

Although I took two flights on Emirates last year, and although the second flight was on the A380 which I think is my favourite in cabin plane – my favourite was in fact the Lisbon to Dubai flight simply because it was so empty! And I had loads of room to spread myself about. Great service as always, in general I was impressed as ever by Emirates.

Flight Review – Emirates – How’s its Reputation These Days?

Number 1 – Air Astana

Air Astana was the best flight I took last year. It was very atmospheric, with purple lighting, very comfortable, left on time, good food and good service, not to mention an excellent entertainment system. Check out the review –

Flight Review – Air Astana

Thanks so much for popping by today. Have you managed to get on a plane in 2020? And how was it? Thanks for reading and May the Journey Never End!

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