A Day Trip to Victoria’s Twelve Apostles

Folks, a great destination in Victoria, the state of Australia in which I live, is along the southern coast in the western part of the state, along the famous ‘Great Ocean Road’. The scenery is truly epic in this part of the state, the rugged cliffs mixed in with some surprisingly nice beaches, and these sort of monoliths out in the ocean, parts of land that so far have defied erosion, known as the ‘Twelve Apostles’. Despite the fact that there are not twelve of them, at least not any more. As well as the Twelve Apostles there are interesting walks, inlets, and a feature called ‘London Bridge’, formed by water and erosion, which many years ago now collapsed in the middle. More details in this post – Victoria’s Twelve Apostles.

All these are featured in my latest vlog. Please forgive my somewhat idiotic pronounciation of the word ‘vlog’ as I say ‘v-log’. Why I should think is how it’s said, I have no idea. This was shot back in January this year. I was accompanied by Gino Pop, a friend of the blog. You can read a bit about this gent here – Exclusive Interview with Intrepid Vlogger – Gino Pop. I hope you enjoy today’s video!

Thanks for stopping by today! May the Journey Never End!


10 thoughts on “A Day Trip to Victoria’s Twelve Apostles

  1. Thanks for the video, it brings back some good memories, like waiting half an afternoon for the sun to finally show up on the 12 Apostles. But what a show, with the waves rolling one after the other and the wind blowing in the ears…

  2. I’ve vaguely heard of the Twelve Apostles, but I had no idea what they were. Turns out that they’re a stunning part of Australia! It’s a continent I have not been to before, but your posts on your home country make me yearn to go there some day. Thanks for sharing, Andy! 🙂

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