The Man Living at an International Airport

Hi folks. Today I want to share with you this incredible story of a farmer living basically at Narita International Airport, Japan. I found the video through reading a post on a great blog – ‘Salsa World Travel’. You can find the original post on that blog here – He Turned Down $1.7 Million And Farms Land Surrounded By Tokyo Narita Airport.

The gentleman in question took over from his father on the farm when he passed away and is still working it. It’s basically on the runway, except the runway has to make a detour obviously to avoid the farm. He’s held out for so many years now in defiance with planes flying so close over his property he could basically jump and touch them as they come in to land.

Whereas part of me says I would take the money, I give the guy my full respect for sticking it to them. Must be a Taurus like me!

Would you hold out? Please comment below! And May the Journey Never End!


8 thoughts on “The Man Living at an International Airport

  1. Wow, that’s incredible! Similarly, there used to be a plot of farm land near my town’s municipal airport, but it’s been gone since 2013…really cool to see the one in Japan staying afloat, despite efforts to monopolize the land! Thanks for sharing this cool fact!

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