Sri Lanka – Hills, Forts and Whales!

Welcome! Hope you are doing well today. I’ve a brand new video for you today, and this time it’s from Sri Lanka. Please take a look as I take you from the Hill Country where it’s mountainous and green and you get around on the toy train, through Colombo to the south – Galle and Mirissa and out into the ocean to catch a glimpse of the whales! Yes – WHALES! And I don’t mean the United Kingdom kind!

This puts together the last footage I took from my 2018 trip to India and Sri Lanka. Yes, I would have liked to have taken an awful lot more. But still, this video does present to you just how beautiful this delightful island nation is! Next time… well I am waiting on a bunch of footage to come back from Queensland converted into files so that I can use it. However I must have something else for you – I’ll just need to do a little searching through my files and as I type this, I remembered a couple of things I have in the bank ready to be edited!

Thanks for popping by today! May the Journey Never End!


9 thoughts on “Sri Lanka – Hills, Forts and Whales!

  1. Nice video, there is diffinitively that something more by perceiving the sounds around, what the photos don’t know how to render, yet… Thanks for sharing.

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