Cameroon – Through My Lens

You know, sometimes I am surprised that I haven’t done a certain post, and today is one of those days because I went to Cameroon in 2011, had a wonderful time there and found it to be a seriously beautiful and photogenic country. And so today I am collating my images of this West African country together for you. I hope you enjoy them!

So this is simply my favourite shot from this country, and one of the rare selfies I’ve taken, and even rarer – one that I actually like!
Getting ready to go Cameroon
Bamenda view
View from the hotel looking away from central Douala.
Kiss Me Night Club. Looked a bit dubious to me!
Open-air museum in Yaounde
Yaounde Street
Looking out over the bay in Limbe
Did someone say… ‘fresh fish?’
Les Chutes Lobes at Kribi
Lobe River
Kribi beach, twenty metres from the door of my guesthouse.
Yaounde through the trees
Wanna buy something in Kribi bus station
Waiting for a bus in Kribi
Table sports in Yaounde
Post Office Yaounde
On a boat near Kribi
Church in Central Yaounde
Boats at Kribi
Accommodation at Limbe
Gorilla at shelter in Limbe
Oil Rig off Limbe
Selling to bus passengers

Thanks for stopping by – comments always welcome! May the Journey Never End!


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