South America

Cuenca, Ecuador – Through My Lens

How does this day find you? It’s time for another photographic post, and today we are heading to the town of Cuenca, Ecuador which I featured on Sunday in my favourite cities of South America post! Cuenca (not to be confused with the town in Spain of the same name) is in the south of Ecuador and reportedly has a metro area population of around 660,000. It is the largest city in the province, the Azuay Province, and sits at an altitude of 2560 metres. This makes it pretty high up, but not so much that there were a lot of breathing issues as compared to a place such as Cusco.

It is a fairly historic city with many buildings in the centre of town actually being UNESCO heritage listed. Its ‘modern’ incarnation has roots back to 1557 when it was founded, but it is actually on the site of an ancient city Pumapungo, which appears to date back actually not that much earlier than the Spanish city, to 1470. Ruins of Pumapungo are visitable today as you will see in the photos. All in all I personally really liked Cuenca. It’s a pleasant city, not too cold or hot, with some beautiful buildings, a couple of nice rivers, and some charming streets and squares. Enjoy!

View from atop the cathedral

View across from Pumapungo

View across Cuenca

Typical Cuenca street

Tomebamba River

Street art in Cuenca

Smoothies for All!

Main Cathedral

Mountains over Cuenca Rooftops

Cuenca Street View

Newly Weds for sale

Museum of Pumapungo

Pigeon at the fountain

Pumapango Ruins

Pumapungo Ruins with reflection

In a shop window – one of these chaps is not like the others

Church San Blas

Hazardous working conditions on the Cathedral

Grand Cuenca Building

Fountain in the centre of Cuenca


Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!

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