From around the Web – Flight to Antarctica

Howdy all. Another brief float about the interweb today for you. Primarily here to bring you this video on a flight in an army plane from New Zealand to the Antarctic! It looks absolutely incredible and I think the Antarctic might be the one place on Earth without a case of you know what!



Also, for fans of ‘The Goodies’, as you’ll remember last week I wrote about the passing of Tim Brooke-Taylor. This link below is to an obituary written by fellow ‘Goodie’ Graeme Garden about Tim which I thought was beautifully written.

No Costume too ridiculous nor stunt too Dangerous – Tim Brooke Taylor

Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!

2 thoughts on “From around the Web – Flight to Antarctica

  1. Wawu! Antarctica. I could have moved there if I had enough money and they didn’t cancel international flights. Haw! I guess we’ve got to continue the lockdown until further notice.
    Thanks for sharing Andy!

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