Tasting Melbourne – Wolfe & Malone Wine Bar, Bentleigh

Hi all. Well, today’s review is not so much as restaurant as a wine bar, one that does a selection of dishes, which are generally Mexican/Spanish in origin. In fact the reason why I ended up going to Wolfe and Malone was that we had our end of year Christmas drinks here for my work.

It’s located very close to Bentleigh station, on the Frankston Line here in Melbourne. That’s not too far from where I live so it was a handy location for me. From the city you probably wouldn’t head to Bentleigh to go to a bar, but it would take around 30 minutes on the train from the main train station in Melbourne, Flinders Street Station. It is very close to Bentleigh station so it’s handy in that respect.

Inside Wlofe & Malone

I didn’t expect a place which was located in the suburbs to be pumping, but I was pretty surprised actually. It was as close to full as any place these days with both indoor and outdoor seating. There was a fair selection of alcoholic beverages available, I started with a cocktail because someone else ordered one – a Pina Colada because, well, that song has been in my head of late. But it wasn’t for me. Too… coconutty. Also, it was a frozen one and I kid ye not, brain freeze!

Do you like Pina Coladas?

Anyhoo, I went on to drink more straight forward drinks. And there was nothing wrong with the cocktail, I just didn’t actually know what I was drinking because generally I don’t drink cocktails. We were outside with a long table on the footpath (for Americans, that’s a ‘sidewalk’) and so we could see the people inside, some more outside too. Generally everyone seemed to be having a good evening. Not a place for dancing or overly loud music, it was just a very pleasant and laid back – but popular – bar. Which I think is ideal for this sort of end of year drinks.

The menu is limited, and to be honest really not to my taste. I’m not a fan, as I have oft mentioned, of spicy food, but there were a few things I liked. It’s mostly a menu of dishes to share, which makes sense as the place is a bar first. What I did really like is the empanadas, something I had enjoyed in Spain in 2019, and it wasn’t spicy at all (but came with spicy sauce) and it was really tasty.

We also had some very nice pieces of warm cheese on sticks which I can’t find on their menu. There was corn, wedges, and the pumpkin, but these things all came with spicy sauces. But I think that if you liked this kind of thing there would be no issues – in fact everyone who had the different dishes gave them big thumbs’ up.

We all had a nice relaxed time. The only criticism I can level at the place is that the outdoor chairs could have done with a back to them. Otherwise it was a great place to chill and spend some time. And if you’re a local, you should probably check it out!

Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!


5 thoughts on “Tasting Melbourne – Wolfe & Malone Wine Bar, Bentleigh

  1. I enjoy trying new food places out. Especially if they specialize in particular cuisines/drinks (like yours of Spanish origin), it’s a great way to “travel” vicariously around the world, especially during times like these…I’m actually a fan of piña coladas, although at this time of year, it’s a bit too chilly to drink them! Cheers, Andy. 🙂

  2. It looks like a cool spot! Funnily enough I’ve been craving a pina colada as of late…. either that or a solid margarita (haven’t found too many of them in my Aussie adventures thus far!)

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