Normandy – In Pictures

Time for a virtual tour courtesy of my lens! It’s nearly been three years since I was in France last, and my wife and I went up to Normandy to visit one of her friends who lived in a small village called La Neauve Lyre. We stayed in this amazing ramshackle house, and the countryside was so green and beautiful. We even stayed a night at a chateau – Chateau de la Duquerie. And had a picnic at another chateau which we were unable to get a name for. It was being renovated at the time and I remember there being a few bees. Apart from the renovators there weren’t many people about at that one. Anyways, today take your mind off you know what and imagine yourself in the beautiful French countryside…

Backyard in La Neauve Lyre
La Neauve Lyre
Quaint car in Normandy
Normandy through a Window
House where we stayed in La Neauve Lyre
La Neauve Lyre
This unknown chateau was the spot for a picnic lunch
Old Chateau in Normandy
Behind unknown Chateau
Lawn in front of unknown chateau
View from window of Chateau de la Duquerie
Lake behind Chateau de la Duquerie
Chateau de la Duquerie
Chateau de la Duquerie and lake

Thanks for popping by today, as always, May the Journey Never End!


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