CovidCam #4 – What NOT to watch during a pandemic!

Howdy all. Another #CovidCam today, the fourth! I spend a bit of time analysing the numbers, and then talk about some of the things i’m watching under lockdown. How does a series about a pandemic which wipes out 4999 out of every 5000 people on Earth sound?

What are you watching whilst we spend more time indoors? Please do comment, and May the Journey Never End!

6 thoughts on “CovidCam #4 – What NOT to watch during a pandemic!

  1. Top of the what not to watch list is the movie Contagion, sort of mirrors the current situation. I’m currently watching Money Heist and Ozark. I’ve got Tiger King on my to watch list just to understand what all the memes are about!
    Read The Handmaids Tale and watched all 3 seasons, such a good watch. I got introduced to Doctor Who quite late and only watched David Tennant and Matt Smith as The Doctor. Who is your all time favourite Doctor?

    1. Sandra – you have to discover the original series of Doctor Who, now might be the perfect time to catch up with the first 26 years! 🙂 My favourite is the second, Patrick Troughton who was the Doctor in the late 60s. So all his episodes were in black and white! Thanks for reading. I actually am keen to watch Contagion. crazy, I know!

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