New Vlog – Turkmenistan – All That Glitters is Marble!

Yes, it’s time for the next Vlog – and it’s a big one running at 25 minutes. But there’s a lot to unpack and talk about, I put it up two nights ago and over that first night it got twice as many views as the previous one had gotten in nearly 2 weeks. If I knew the secret as to why that was the case, well, I’d probably be a successful youtuber! Nevertheless… today’s really shows you what it was like in Turkmenistan – here’s a blurb for you and of course, the video!

If you were amazed by the last video of Turkmenistan, you ain’t see nothing yet! Delve into the capital Ashgabat where all the buildings are white and most are made of marble, where the statues are massive and imposing and nothing is done by halves. Then out to Merw, an ancient city, and to Mary. Turkmenistan is out of this world!


Thanks for stopping by – comments are always welcome! May the Journey Never End!

3 thoughts on “New Vlog – Turkmenistan – All That Glitters is Marble!

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