Pictures from Sucre, Bolivia

Bolivia’s town of Sucre is a fair bus ride from most of the main cities, but I enjoyed my time in this little city, despite the fact that it was particularly hilly! So today, not too many words for you, but some of my better images from a really pretty, hilly town!

A beetle in perfect condition in Sucre
Amazing Organ in Sucre
Amazing sculpted head in Freedom House
Avenue in the Sucre General Cemetary
Bell over Sucre
Bolivian flags
Central Sucre Intersection
Central Sucre
Chapel in Freedom House
Flags on Sucre street
Fountain in central Plaza 25 de Mayo
Hill over Sucre
Historical House Sucre
Inside Sucre General Cemetary
Inside Sucre Mansion
Inside the Sucre Freedom House
Mirador de La Recoleta
Statue in Freedom House
Steep street in Sucre
Street view in Sucre
This payphone is a real dinosaur
View from Mirador de La Recoleta


Thanks so much for stopping by today – May the Journey Never End!

2 thoughts on “Pictures from Sucre, Bolivia

  1. I often enjoy the little towns off the beaten path. Did you generally have a positive reception from the locals? How cool is that pay phone :).

    1. In Sucre I stayed at a guesthouse run by a Swiss couple I think it was, and met people in there which was great, but sadly didnt get a lot of interaction with locals in Bolivia. thanks for commenting

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