Personal Update – Blogging and the Coronavirus

Howdy all. Hope this post finds you well today. I wanted to start by asking – how are you doing? The times we are experiencing right now are like no times I personally have lived through – how about you? Here in Australia Covid-19 or the Coronavirus has induced panic like I have never seen before in Australia. Scenes that seem familiar in a lot of places in world though, I guess. No toilet paper anywhere. And shots like this one below I really should have stopped myself from taking when I was shopping.

Yes, empty shelves, half empty supermarket, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, pasta, rice, flour, meat – all very hard to find let alone hand sanitiser and gloves. So I guess the world takes a deep breath, self-isolates and waits until it’s all over.

Basically at the supermarket here’s what’s hard to find – toilet paper, paper towels (REALLY hard to find), hand sanitiser (IMPOSSIBLE to find), wipes – all these things are generally restricted to one (packet) per customer. Then there are things like bread, household cleaners, milk which the supermarkets are limiting to two per customer. Meat and yoghurt and even juice are also running in short supply.

The financial markets are also taking a huge hit. Not a bad idea to get into them I guess if like me you have never really owned shares before. For example – Qantas has gone from $7.60AUD to $2.60 or lower. And that’s with a government guarantee. 90 percent of all international flights cancelled by Qantas, and Virgin Australia has grounded ALL international flights. We are told not to travel overseas. Bit sad to know that people will be taking financial gain from this whole crisis though.

Then in Italy and Spain, the former experiencing perhaps the worst of the virus of any country, scenes of applauding healthcare workers and singing songs and entertaining each other from isolated home to isolated home. A little ray of hope in the madness.

Could be going here. But i’m not!

And I am thankful. Originally I’d hoped to go in March to Philippines, and could well have faced lockdown there or 14 days isolation on return, or not been able to return. And I think, as much as I love to travel internationally, home is the only place to be right now. I work in disability and my job presumably won’t stop because of the crisis, unlike many who will have to go without income or go on the dole as things get worse in Australia. There are chances houses will go into lockdown for sure – to be handled and worked out if and when.

And then my mum has been in hospital the last two weeks, quite a serious deal actually which has been my focus, but has she recovers and the crisis gets bigger, the surreal feelings just grow and grow. I have tried to take my mind off mum by blogging heaps as you may have noticed, but it won’t surprise you probably to know – stats in the last few weeks are LOW. And who wants to read about travel right now, when you can’t, when it’s the furthest thing from your mind, right?

But it’s something for me to do, and you know, it’s one way you can experience the world without leaving your living room. So I think I’ll keep it up for a bit yet. But I might try a few different things and I will desperately try not to check stats every five minutes. A challenge for me, to be honest.

For now I’ll try and be thankful, because I personally am not in a bad situation. People are in much worse places all over the world, they always are. But a hint for those trying to baton down the hatches to see this through – I’ve been watching the dystopian ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ – brilliant, but in these times beyond surreal. And I can’t stop watching it. It’s not helping the psyche at all. And then I picked up Terry Nation’s ‘Survivors’ from my shelf. I must have a dark side….

A few additions (I wrote the above a week or so ago). I’ve been thinking about what to do with the blog at this time as my usual menu of posts don’t seem to be garnering much interest, which is only to be expected. So I decided to do a new video post called ‘CovidCam’, where I’m chatting to the camera about the experience of living in the lockdown situation.

Check out CovidCam #1 – Trip to the Supermarket HERE

The government has us presently on Level 2 lockdown, which is quite unclear in as much as hairdressers are still open, school’s ok (although most are closed, our state government asked all schools to close). Personally I feel we need much stricter restrictions, because the rate of infection is not slowly. By the time this post (and posts go out of date on this topic FAST) is live on my blog, the world will be well over half a million cases, Australia will have 4000 – 5000 at a guess.

Also I have contact a few of my fellow blogger from different locations in the world and tomorrow I will be publishing a post where you’ll here from people in four different countries about what life is like right now during the pandemic.

Thanks as always, May the Journey Never End!

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