A Hop, Skip and a Jump – Vlog Singapore, KL & Almaty!

Dear readers, and indeed viewers,

the time has come to present my first VLOG from my last trip, and indeed this one takes in the first three days of my 2019 adventure starting on October 27th. It’s been … a process, shall we say? Not one that’s been easy, and I still have a lot to learn and more of a style to develop doing these things.

It’s the ‘to the camera’ stuff that’s really been hard for me, strange as it may seem when you consider my background, love of acting and other Youtube series on my other channel, but I have not felt natural at ALL. The thought of setting it up whilst out and about was not something I looked forward to, not something I pushed myself to do, so I find I need to narrate now that I am putting all the vision together and at times record some ‘to the camera’ stuff here. I wasn’t sure how to go about it, and so I used green screen so that I was talking to the camera with photos from the trip in the background. Initially I didn’t do it, and I put out another version of the below VLOG on Youtube and subsequently deleted it for the new, ‘improved’ version with more me! (some may argue that improved, it is not! (for example Yoda is not a big fan I understand)).

This one starts in Melbourne and is primarily two things – flights and Gardens by the Bay. The second VLOG is also complete, I’m trying to work a couple of weeks in advance and release them every two weeks on a Friday through the blog. They will be up earlier on Youtube if you have some sort of weird desire to see them as soon as is humanly possible. However, they are coming along and a HUGE shoutout to http://www.bensound.com where I downloaded all the royalty free music. If you need some for a project, they have a wide range and if you’re using it for something small like I am, it’s generally free!

Thanks for viewing – please let me know your thoughts! May the Journey Never End!

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