Featured in an Airline Magazine!

Hey, this is pretty cool y’all.

Sorry, I will never use that expression again, I feel bad now…

So anyways! What the heck am I talking about? Okay, so ages ago now my good friend, compatriot and fellow travel blogger Tim Blight (of urbanduniya.com) asked me if I’d like to contribute to the magazine of Pakistan International Airlines, or PIA, called ‘Humsafar’. They wanted comments and thoughts from travellers who’d been to Pakistan, and for them to talk about what they liked about travelling in Pakistan. Well, I think that was basically the remit, it was a while ago.

So, I thought ‘why not!’ and whipped up a quick piece which would be included in an article featuring contributions from a number of travellers who had visited Pakistan. It was 2004 when I was there, but it has left a mark on me and I remember my time in Pakistan with some fondness. Very friendly people, not a lot of tourists, some amazing sights and amazing journeys. Oh, and the nicest fleet of buses you’re likely to ever see!

So, it took a while, but a few weeks back the magazine – I believe the IN FLIGHT magazine was out and my contribution, translated into Urdu, appeared! So here you can see it as it appeared, and below there is the original.

Pakistan is a country of surprises, of warm people, of history and more. Visiting places like the shrines of Uch Shariff leave the visitor speechless. I found Pakistan to be an exciting challenge to visit, raw but rewarding, in fact it was a real adventure. I never knew what I find or how I would find it – and there is no better way to travel than that! I can’t wait to go back to experience more of its rich history, the splendour of its majestic architecture and the unquestionable kindness of its people.

Pretty exciting stuff! Thanks for reading today, and of course, May the Journey Never End!

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