Tasting Melbourne – Bahari Greek Restaurant

Anyone who lives in Melbourne and goes out from time to time probably knows, Richmond is an area not short on good restaurants. It has a pretty wide selection of cuisines, from Italian to Thai, Persian and a large number of Vietnamese restaurants. Mostly restaurants on the Swan street strip are pretty well regarded. And many can be hard to get a table at.

A week and a half ago, when my wife and I went there, we actually had planned to go to a completely different restaurant. We arrived around 6pm, only to find that without a reservation we were not going to get a table. We had walked at least 500 metres down the road, and so we had passed a number of places, so we went back to one that looked pretty nice, ‘Bahari’, a Greek restaurant.

Well, as it would happen, they were basically booked out too. However, they did have a table for two that we could have for an hour. As it happened, we didn’t have much more than an hour before we needed to get going to see Hugh Jackman in concert, so we went with it.

What followed was a great meal. And it was fast, perhaps because they needed the table they pushed our order through a little quicker, I’d say that’s why. The service was actually very good, and attentive, exactly what you’d hope for in any restaurant.

We started with crumbed calamari, which was cooked really well. The taste was light, just right. Following that we had a great Greek salad (probably my favourite in salads. It’s really hard to go past fetta cheese.) and we shared the ‘protein’. They listed the meat altogether and so you just ordered by the skewer or by the chop. Four crumbed lamb cutlets and one pork and one chicken skewer.

The cutlets were the highlight, and I regretted not ordering more (all above was shared between two). The pork skewer was really nice as well, given the chance again I’d avoid the chicken as it was a sort of mince… not sure exactly how to describe it. It wasn’t bad by any stretch but the lamb and pork was so good that I was just disappointed I didn’t have more of them!

The total cost was around $75AUD, which included a glass of wine and Greek mineral water (flavoured) and that seemed about right to me. There are several banquet options (minimum of two people) which start at around $40 and looked really good value (you get more than we had if you ordered for two easily).

So all in all, I feel I lucked out and found a really good place to eat by just walking past, and I reckon it was better than my first choice would have been. Great meat, great salad! Thanks for reading – May the Journey Never End!

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