What I’m Looking Forward To on my Next Trip!

So it is approaching now. I’ve organised a couple of tours in Central Asia, flights are all booked, accommodation mostly booked, I’ve got my visa for Tajikistan, one of two countries I’ll need a visa for, so I guess things are motoring along well. Yet somehow I am feeling … not ready. Maybe it’s a mindset, I don’t know. So I think it’s time for my patented & positive ‘What I am Looking Forward to’ post.

  1. Mountains, lakes and views in Tajikistan
Fann mountains and lake

Tajikistan is a country at ‘altitude’ if you like, and I won’t be in many places that would under say 3000 metres. It’s a land of mountains and lakes – one of the main lakes is called Iskander-kul which I hope to visit and there’s another area not that far away geographically called the ‘Seven Lakes’ region. Both look to provide good hiking. The only issue may be the weather, although I hope it won’t be too icy in early November.

  1. Ashgabat and the Dervaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan
Darvaza Crater

When I saw photos of the Kazakh capital, Astana, I knew I had to visit it (now EIGHT years ago!). And Ashgabat is another that seems to be built in that mode with futuristic buildings and architecture. They say that cars have to be clean to enter the city! Somewhere in the middle of Turkmenistan is the Darvaza Gas Crater, where they struck gas decades ago. In the late 70s it caught fire, and was expected to burn out in a week or so. It’s still burning and is one of the country’s main tourist attractions!

  1. A Dash Through Uzbekistan

I wouldn’t be travelling through Uzbekistan except that well, it’s directly between Tajikistan and Turkmenistan and air connections are not great (certainly no direct flights). However, I have two things I want to do in Uzbekistan, one is to visit the ancient city of Khiva, not far from the Turkmen border. The other is to get better shots of the Registan in Samarkand, which is not far from the Tajik border.

  1. Jerusalem & Minsk

Haven’t been there, and it’s a bit of an exciting destination I think! So much to do and see! Although I have only a couple of days in Minsk, it’s become accessible due to tourists being allowed in visa free through the main airport for five days. It’s supposed to be a really interesting place and my final stop in ex-USSR for this trip.

  1. Sagrada Familia & Gaudi
Gaudi’s La Pedera

I’m not an architecture aficionado but Gaudi’s stuff is really other worldly and a little apocalyptic mixed with Gothic. Well, as far as I can see. I have wanted to visit the Sagrada Familia for a long time now (for those who don’t know, Gaudi’s church in Barcelona) and his apartments and other buildings look equally as fascinating.

  1. Discovering Portugal

Lisbon (Guardian.com)Europe’s hottest ‘next’ destination is more of a ‘now’ destination as far as I can see. Lisbon and Porto have huge reputations as places to visit, albeit both of them are purportedly very hilly. I am just keen to see what all the fuss is about really! Oh and we’re going to stay in a palace which is pretty exciting. I’ve gone back to Air BnB for our stay in Lisbon. It looks really nice but I’m keeping my fingers crossed after the last few ones I used disappointed.


So anyways, those would be my top six for the next trip! Thanks for stopping by – and May the Journey Never End!


6 thoughts on “What I’m Looking Forward To on my Next Trip!

  1. This looks like one heck of a trip. I’m interested to read about your trip through Central Asia. I’m hoping to go up there in the near future. Safe travels.

  2. You are only the second person ever I’ve known to visit Tajikistan – the other one loved it, for what its worth! I hope you have (are having?) a ball! I visited Portugal as a child supposedly, unfortunately I don’t remember much about it. I’d love to go back to explore it now. My bestie is there at the moment too!

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