Eurovision #ThrowbackThursday – Times Eurovision Rocked!

Howdy all. Another post looking back at Eurovision over the years – today I’m looking at some examples of rock songs in Eurovision. Actually surprisingly under-represented as a genre, some songs are brill whereas others … well they unique to say the least!

  1. Eyes That Never Lie (2009, Belarus, Petr Elfimov)

This one has an interestingly presented singer, dressed in classic Eurovision white.

2. Valentine Lost (2007, Iceland, Eirikur Hauksson)

This awesome little number is very European in its kind of Rock – everyone does wear leather here so that’s something. Still, they just don’t present as Guns N’ Roses!

3. Day After Day (2008, Azerbaijan, Elnur & Samir)

Ummm then there’s this. Which rocks a bit but is mostly just fully weird!

4. Cool Vibes (2005, Switzerland, Vanilla Ninja)</strong >

Seven piece group on stage, five women three with electric guitars. This was and still is a very cool song indeed!

5. In My Dreams (2005, Norway, Wig Wam)

My favourite on this list – this group from Norway present an awesome Glam Rock song – strange how there aren’t more of them.

6. Vislat Nyar (2018, Hungary, AWS)

This is something else, isn’t it?

7. Hard Rock Hallelujah (2006, Finland, Lordi)

A song that is well remembered, a bit of a classic sung by a band in prosthetics. There’s something a bit special about this, Finland’s only win and possibly the only true ‘hard rock’ if not ‘rock’ song to every win Eurovision.

But all in all, although there hasn’t been great success with rock at Eurovision, I feel each year needs a couple of rock tracks to keep up the variety (recently I felt there are way too many ballads). Which was your favourite?

Please comment below, and May the Journey Never End!


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