Warner Brother’s Movie World…. Or Another Day of Serious Queueing!

Howdy all from the Gold Coast on my last day here, returning to Melbourne tonight. The weather has been brilliant, 25 – 27 degrees and mostly sunny the whole time, and I’ve really had a chance to unwind and enjoy where I’m at – yes first Sea World and then Movie Word – ‘Hollywood on the Gold Coast’ as their tagline has been since it opened back in the 1990s I think it was.

Movie World is part of the Three-Park Pass I got, the third par being Wet ‘n’ Wild, which I am not visiting this time around. Warner Brother’s at some point in the past bought DC Comics, and so the main feature of Movie World is the DC Universe, which means Superman, Batman and his foes, Wonder Woman etc etc. Then there are traditional WB characters like Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird, and also they must own Scooby Doo.

So another day of rides –  well, also of waiting. But I went on two of the most thrilling rides I’ve ever been on in Theme Parks with the Superman ride and Arkham, based on the mental asylum tied to the world of Batman. Whew! Baby they were pretty serious! I’m not sure which was more so – Arkham had us spinning around and upside down, and the Superman ride was seriously fast and pretty high. The DC Rivals ride I didn’t go on, it just looked…. like the Superman Ride but on steroids. It was so flipping high!

There was an exhibition of sets and costumes from last year’s Aquaman which was worth a look – no queues at all too which is always nice!

The Justice League (still DC) ride was less of a thrill. A bit drab honestly. Scooby-Doo had the biggest line, it was an hour wait. For this I missed the Lego 4D experience. Well, it was cool, I took it in 2012 and it’s supposedly been redone, but frankly it seemed very familiar to me, there’s a short backwards section, and you get thrown about from side to side on fast corners, but it’s not rivalling Arkham or Superman!

There was a parade, and bought souvenirs (which I don’t usually do) and it was a good day. Strangely I was able to keep out of the sun too for most of the day which meant I avoided having to slather lotion on!

One day to go! Thanks for reading, and May the Journey Never End!

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