Eurovision #ThrowbackThursday Worst Eurovision Songs

Hey all. Weird is weird, but some songs at Eurovision were just plain dreadful. Sure, it can be somewhat subjective. But these ones, I’m pretty confident, we can all agree scrape the very bottom of the barrel.

This one is 2001 from Israel. ‘Ping Pong’. These songs seem to have one thing in common – the singers are dreadfully out of tune. This one is no exception. I mean, give them the benefit of the doubt, sometimes the playback is dreadful and you can’t hear yourself. Regardless – the end result is ummm…. not great?

The next song is from 2002, and Greece. Again, not perfectly in tune, and the song isn’t the worst but combined with the choreography and costumes…

Ireland have had many hits at Eurovision, but this one from 2005 is just… just… and a bit Harry Potter, but not in a good way!

But I don’t think anything can top this one, Nil Points from the UK in 2003. Jemini with ‘Cry Baby’.

You know, sometimes things are ‘so bad, it’s good’. But some aren’t! Even when it comes to the insane world of Eurovision! Thanks for stopping by! May the Journey Never End!

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