Eurovision Throwback Thursday – Dami Im

(Photo by Michael Campanella/Getty Images)

Hi all!

Here in Australia we have just had a televised contest to choose the song that we will send to Europe. It was the sort of affair that completely mimicked the contest itself, and the winner was Kate Miller Heidke with ‘Zero Gravity’, a very Eurovision song indeed, one with that added dose of ‘weird’ which may or may not help her garner votes in May this year.

And so I realised – Eurovision is not THAT far away. And usually I do a rushed post just before or after the contest. Well, this year, I’m starting early and every Thursday I aim to bring you some great Eurovision memories on the blog. I thought I would start with Australia’s highest ever finish, 2016 and Dami Im with ‘The Sound of Silence’. This is a damned good song! Dami was on stage last weekend at Eurovision – Australia decides and was still brilliant. But here she is from the 2016 final! Enjoy!

Thanks for dropping by – May the Journey Never End!

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