Why Jodhpur is My Favourite City in Rajasthan

Rajasthan offers a lot, many cities and adventures for the traveller. But to me, the best city of is Jodphur. Although Jaisalmer is special for location and architecture, and Udaipur is really quite the location with its incredible palace on the lake, I found Jodphur to be the best balance of activity, vibrance, things to see and do with manageability.

It is known as the Blur City – I’ll be honest, it’s not as blue as I was hoping it would be! There are parts of the city which are painted blue, but as for an entire city of blue, one might be disappointed. But for me, that didn’t matter.

The focus of Jodphur is the mighty fort, Mehrangah Fort a top the hill that over looks the city on multiple sides. I visited forts in Jodhur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Delhi in India this time around, and I can say hands down this was the most interesting and impressive of the lot. On top of that the experience of walking around and through it is fantastic, you really feel like you are exploring somewhere special.

When I left the fort I walked back down to the rabbit-warren like streets and alleys of the city directly below to make my way back to the KP Heritage Haveli where I was staying. Although I got totally lost and eventually had to take an auto-rickshaw back, walking through this part of down was awesome (if a little dangerous – I had to watch out for speeding bikes and tuk-tuks) but this was the heart of the city.

Also in the city is a great market with a clock tower with a great view of the surrounds. And there is the stepwell which I’ve written about before where the kids drop 10 metres into the water.

And rounding out the sites the Taj-esque Palace on a hill opposite the fort – Umaid Bhawan Palace. Interesting, HUGE place which you can get a little look inside, also has an interesting collection of vintage cars.

Jodphur is manageable, not being as big as Jaipur. It’s friendlier and a great place to get lost. I enjoyed the food whilst I was there – although I only ate at a couple of places. I was able to get great Indian food without any of the heat you might associate with it. You might think that’s the whole point of Indian cooking, but there are still so many flavours there before they add the chilli.

So Jodphur for me, I felt as relaxed as anywhere in Rajasthan, and without a doubt this was my favourite city over two visits to Rajasthan. Have you been? What were your favourite things about Jodphur? Please do comment – and May the Journey Never End!


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