Santa’s Magical Kingdom – A Great Day out with the Kids?

Howdy folks. As Christmas draws nearer different events pop up around the place which are, how can I say, ‘thematically linked’? Santa’s Magical Kingdom is one here in Melbourne which I went to a week or so ago. It continues on for weeks yet, so you haven’t missed it! Which may or may not be a good thing. I should hasten to add that it wasn’t by choice that I went.

What is Santa’s Magical Kingdom? Well, it sits in one of the car parks at Caulfield Racecourse (in Caulfield, a Melbourne suburb) under a couple of huge tents and it’s filled with fun for the kids. It’s like a mini-amusement park I guess, and it also has a circus attached which does a ‘Christmas-themed’ show each day.

It’s full of colour, and there are a LOT of opportunities for kids to have their photos taken with Mrs Claus or other characters. There are a variety of food stalls too, although I use the word ‘variety’ with a hint of scepticism. Their fare didn’t vary that much from one thing to another.

There was a merry-go-round, and another ride that actually went pretty fast, up and down and around and around, and then it stopped and went in reverse. I was pushed to the very side of it with the force.

There are plenty of other activities for kids too – oh and when you enter there’s fake snow! And as it’s been really hot in Melbourne that’s really quite surreal. It’s actually falling soap bubbles I think. The activities for kids are mostly art and craft stuff – make a card from the items provided, or a Christmas decoration.

There was a jolly old pirate ship, and you walked through it and past the larger than life figures there to pose for your selfie, and lots of tables were laid out and the kids could make their tree decorations by gluing things together.

And then there was the circus. The circus show was put on by one of Melbourne’s more popular circuses – Silver’s Circus who I had seen a couple of years back. I recognised the voice of the announcer – in this case Santa Claus. He sat and watched and announced, the show was started by Mrs Claus.

Then the circus acts were actually all the acts I had seen a couple of years back. There was an occasional Christmas costume, and Santa was watching, and you know they are very talented. But it really wasn’t anything much to do with Christmas.

Entrance is $52 which isn’t cheap (I think concession is $38) but you can take the rides and see the circus for that price. Here’s there website –

Santa’s Magical Kingdom

Maybe it’s not for you, I mean honestly it wasn’t for me. But if you’ve children and you’re in Melbourne, it’s just opposite Caulfield Station and there is onsite parking. It might be something your children would enjoy! Thanks for reading – May the Journey Never End!

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