Lima – Through My Lens

I probably wasn’t going to do a ‘Through My Lens’ on Lima. From memory, that of a year ago, it didn’t stand out as one of the most amazing places I’d visited visually. But then I looked through the photos I took and I thought ‘gees there’s such contrasts, interesting buildings, architecture, and more’. So that’s why it’s here today. 

A couple of llamas hanging around (in captivity) the ancient site.

The Peruvian capital is built on the site on an ancient city, and the ruins of Huaca Pucllano surprise in a Lima suburb and are quite striking on their own.

The swish suburb of Miraflores is right on the coast, where the rich hang out and enjoy shopping and life, and the waves crash down below cliffs. And the day I was there, there was some gliding going overhead as well. It was quite the playground.

A grand old building, not in the best shape in 2016.

The historical centre is full of interesting buildings and amazing architecture, reflecting the colonial past of the city. Oh I saw the odd colourful character there too!

I think this is full of candy. I THINK.

Crossing a bridge by taxi – not a drop of water in this river, which is almost always dry, I was told.
The pokie (slot) machines are popular world over.

But if there is one downside in Lima, it is definitely the traffic! Aye aye aye! It’s never quick to go anywhere!

And my last day in Lima there were fire engines out in the main squares and people paying their respects. Two fireman had died fighting a fire. It was very touching, almost heart warming to see in such a big city, there was such care and respect for those who had lost their lives protecting others.

So there’s a little look at Peru’s main city – hope you enjoyed it! Take care and May the Journey Never End!

8 thoughts on “Lima – Through My Lens

  1. Lima is… not at all what I expected it would look like? I guess I had imagined something more like Cuzco (not that I’ve been to either, but just as an armchair traveller). Great to have a fairer picture in my mind. I like this series – it’s like seeing the ground reality of a place away from the touristy postcard sights…

  2. I am also agree with Agness. Lima seems Like a very colorful. This city is one of the best places for me my presents his honeymoon calibrate there. I did not forget this places.I want to also calibrate my honeymoon in there.

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