PanRussia Panorama – Irkutsk, Baikal and Ekanterinburg

Howdy folks and welcome again to another feast of wide photos! I’m splitting my Russian Panoramas into two sections, and today it’s, well, everything bar Moscow.

The border town (with Mongolia) of Naushki was not a place to remember, but I feel this photo shows the viewer why.

Irkutsk was a surprisingly pretty town which I liked, despite a guy on the train saying it was one of the most disappointing cities he’d ever visited. There were a couple of old houses which were worth visiting, the one above is the Volkansky House which was the bigger of the two.

Then there was Lake Baikal, the world’s largest inland lake.

Ekanterinburg or Yekanterinburg if you prefer had a central lake, or as the book called it ‘City Pond’. It was a much bigger city than Irkutsk, and had a building with an observation deck to get a good view of the countryside. It was an attractive Russian city. It had a wonderful cafe called ‘Stolle’ too that was interestingly decorated.

One of the unexpected highlights was this Icon Museum, which certainly did have a LOT of icons.

Thanks for stopping by today. Another post coming up in a day or two! Take care and May the Journey Never End!

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