London Larks

Howdy from the capital of England, Great Britain and the Whoniverse. Although that might be Cardiff these days. It’s Satuday evening, tomorrow morning I take the Eurostar to Paris. Again, it’s been a busy week here, Cambridge and Sheffield. I was planning on a bit more of a relaxing time, but well, I’ve been up to many things every day since arriving.

I’ve larked about in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens with friends. Caught up with a number of people I know.

I went to two museums and a gallery on Thursday. London is amazing with its museums, many of which are free. I visited the Sir John Soane Museum, an historic house filled with strangeness from an Egyptian sarcophogas to marble Greek stones and carvings and more. 

The British Museum is huge and also free, which makes it great value for money. It’s also full of visitors so you know, it’s a bit of a fight to see everything. Their Egyptian, Greek and Assyrian collection is unrivalled in the world and just stunning, and yet I have to say, it’s sad that it’s not in the countries it came from.

The National Portrait Gallery was brilliant and I spent longer in there than I did in the two museums. From Tudor times to the modern day, a history of British Royalty comes to life there. I learnt about the Stuart period, understood more about Oliver Cromwell… more to come when I’m at home.

It’s not far from the lively Trafalgar Square too.

Yesterday I saw Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and took a boat on the Thames to Greenwich where I saw an old ship. The weather has been hot but clear. It was a great experience to see London from the river. I have also managed to catch two shows whilst here – The Book of Mormon and Wicked!

Lots more to tell, so little time, so until next time – May the Journey Never End!

5 thoughts on “London Larks

  1. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    If you were in Greenwich, you were quite literally around 10 mins away from my home! You’ve been lucky with the sunny weather these last few days as it’s been miserable for weeks before very recently! Hubby and I had our first date at National Portrait Gallery!

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