Moscow, City of Wow!

Well, tomorrow I leave Moscow for London. It’s been an incredible time since I left Beijing a little over two weeks ago. It’s been another whirlwind trip, but it’s still going. However, I hope to slow the pace down in London because everyday is either travel or packed with things to see and do.

And so has it been in the incredible capital of Russia, Moscow. I don’t know how to begin and if I get into any sort of detail here, well, I’ll be writing into the wee hours of the morning which I really don’t want to do. So, a quick summary it is.

Moscow really is a wonderful city. Safe in day and night, full of culture and grandeur. The metro system is second to none as far as I’m concerned. Trains every two minutes, inter-connecting everywhere and taking people to every corner of the city.

On Wednesday after I arrived I was straight into the sights. I got a look at the City Museum, nearby Gorky Park which was stunning. A great spot for Moscovites to escape too, with fountains, lakes, a small amusement park and beach volleyball courts.

That wasn’t too far from an outdoor statue museum with plenty of Soviet figures. From here I crossed the Moscow River to visit the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, going up 248 steps to the terraces for a great view of Moscow.

Wednesday was cold, but the sun came out on Thursday with wonderful weather. This was the biggest day of the trip. I enetered the Mausoleum of Lenin and saw his body, preserved, lying there for all to see. That’s in Red Square where I also visited St Basil’s Cathedral and the State Museum, which has an incredible collection including this old Dutch globe.

The Gulag Museum was worth a visit, although it’s more about the time in the USSR following Stalin’s death when thousands of prisoners were released. There stories are told here and it’s moving.

In the evening I went to the Tchaikosky Theatre and spent the evening listening to the Symphony. The solo violinist they had was superb. A brilliant night.

Today I visited the Kremlin and saw inside a number of churches. This broken bell belonged to Ivan the Terrible and is a favourite spot for selfies! 

This afternoon I went to the Novodevichy Monastery, in beautiful gardens. I also spent much time looking for all of Stalin’s ‘Seven Sisters’. These are seven monolithic buildings built near the end of Stalin’s reign. 

And then a nice dinner, and back to the hotel. Yes, Moscow has blown my socks off. Wonderful city! But, eventually it’s always time to say ‘goodbye’! May the Journey Never End!

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