Post from South America to Australia

I used to love the whole postcard sending thing. It was a cheap way to send a ‘hello’ back home and let people know you’re thinking of them. You’d gone to all the trouble of selecting a postcard, buying a stamp before writing on it and posting it across the oceans. Even when email became easy to access and there was Facebook and the like, I still liked to send postcards. Today, I’m not as enthusiastic about it.

And perhaps that’s greatly because of my experiences in South America sending postcards home to Australia. I sent I think four postcards home to Australia from my time in South America, from Ecuador (Galapagos Islands) and Peru (Machu Picchu). I think they have all arrived in Australia now. I know the ones from Galapagos have.

One that made it! Finally!

It’s fair to say that physical posting is becoming less and less common and at the same time more and more expensive. In Australia if it wasn’t for online ordering I don’t know that we’d have a postal service, and I know that there has been some slowing from our end of service, but I like many people order things from Amazon and get it in a couple of weeks.

I posted two postcards from Santa Cruz Island in Galapagos. I posted them around the 11th of October 2016. I returned home on the 6th of December. I had beaten them home. In fact I was sure that that was that, they had disappeared into the ether. However, it was mid-January and I was at one of the houses I work at and the postcard I had sent turned up. Yep. Three months. The other house I worked at said the same week they had received one. That could have been a late October post from Machu Picchu. I didn’t get to see it.

Two of my diaries from 2011 postcards on the front

So yeah. Three months. For a postcard. What makes it even more absurd. The price. $3US for each stamp. Whew. I have never paid that much. For the slowest service I can recall!

So. In summary. If you are thinking about sending a postcard home from South America, you might want to save your money. Post it from home, or give it in person. Cos I still love postcards. Actually these days I love to stick them in my diaries. Makes them more interesting to the eye ya know!

Liz on a postcard

May the Journey Never End!

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