And … I’m in Quito

​Yes! Here I am in the capital of Ecuador, Quito. I made it safely after five flights and managed to finally put my head to pillow after waking up at 430am Sunday morning after around 40 hours. I had to decide not to go out and celebrate the simply astonishing win of the premiership by my football team after going to the Grand Final Saturday, and my thoughts have been often about this incredible game since I left.

Just after sunrise at Melbourne Airport

And yet here I am in a country 16 hours behind Australia and close to being on the complete opposite side of the world. My flights went – Melbourne to Sydney, Sydney to Auckland, Auckland to Santiago (7 hour layover), Santiago to Lima and Lima to Quito. Left Melbourne at 8am got into Quito at 2am the next day. Oh, I left Auckland at 7pm and arrived Santiago at 2.30pm, 4.5 hours before I left! Time travel – mastered.

Chilean Andes from the plane as we approached.

Sleep was my main concern and I took the flight after 3 hours of sleep. I slept on and off the whole trip including a couple iof hours in Santiago Airport, and last night was able to go to sleep at 330am and fell asleep pretty much straight away. Early night tonight and if I can sleep, I may go a way to fighting jetlag.

At Plaza Grand

I walked around the old town here which is really nice, and went into a cathedral where photos weren’t allowed which was a pity because it was stunning and ornate inside with lots of gold and green as the feature colours. I start my tour on Friday (although technically Thursday night) for Galapagos and I also organised a day tour to the Quinlotoa Loop for Thursday. I wanted to organise one to Cotapaxi, however it involves hiking at 4800 metres which is higher than I’ve ever been before, and so I regretfully changed my mind on that one.

Quito is a very hilly capital!!

Flew principally with LAN or LATAM (they appear to be the same airline) and was really impressed. Great service and on the leg from Sydney to Santiago there was so much legroom in economy! Fantastic!

So hope you are well, blog again soon and May the Journey Never End!! 

5 thoughts on “And … I’m in Quito

  1. 40, that is a traveling spirit! Hope you will overcome the jetlag – I usually just drink a lot of water but I wish there is other faster way 🙂 have a great journey!

  2. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    So exciting Andy!! What a mammoth journey that must have been from Melbourne to Quito – how many hours was it door to door?! Hope you’re having an amazing time out there. I think that’s t he same airline I used when we flew to Rio and it definitely exceeded my expectations too.

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