The Final Few Days Before I Go…


Yes it’s THAT close now! Pretty exciting for sure. Actually it’s proven to be a very surreal time in Australia as I count down to Sunday when I fly out to Quito. But the strangest thing has happened. You may recall my posts of last year and I think the year before about going to the football in Melbourne – that’s Australian Rules Football. You might even remember my love for my footy team, the Western Bulldogs who haven’t won the premiership since 1954, which happens to be their only one.

In fact it has been 55 years since they made the Grand Final (1961) the Superbowl if you like of the AFL. I looked at the fixture when booking my flights to Quito and decided that, on the off chance that 2016 was the year that they finally made it (they haven’t in my lifetime you see) I couldn’t bear to miss it.

The winning feeling!
The winning feeling!

And well. Here’s the thing. They have made it! It was incredible, and incredibly surreal. I am still not sure I believe it. This Saturday my doggies will run out in front of 100,000 at the MCG and play for the premiership.

They have come from seventh position to play a grand final, the first time any side has done that. You could have told me 2 weeks ago and I still wouldn’t have believed it. Yet here we are. So this weekend will be just bizarre.

People have all wondered if I’ll be able to make my flight, cos you know if we win I’ll be celebrating and if we lose drowning my sorrows I expect. However, I’m not a heavy drinker and that won’t be an issue. However, it’s actually increased my time pressure before departure. It’s pretty much written off all of Saturday for me. Last Saturday the Preliminary Final did as well.

The MCG on Grand Final Day.
The MCG on Grand Final Day.

I mean, I’m on track and there are no issues after discovering I needed to buy an Argentinian E-visa now because you can’t get it on entry. I got that quick. The Brazilian visa was super-fast. I have devices sorted. Everything I wanted to book beforehand is done, I think. But at the same time I feel over tired. It’s common before a trip but it seems a bigger problem this time around.

Everyone I know including my wife has been sick – except for me. Flu that is. I hope it’s not waiting for me when I reach Quito. If it is, well, I’ll have to deal with it. I wanted to pick up some Spanish, but I haven’t had a chance. Maybe on the flight? LOL.

And then...
And then…

Oh well. It promises to be an amazing weekend. To see my side play a Grand Final, well, it’s more than I could have dreamed at the start of 2016. Who knows, they might win! The AFL have tried to get rid of the Bulldogs before, they were dead and buried in 1989, saved by tin rattling fans and also fans of other teams. This is in the realms of the achievement you could say of Leicester City.


A quick PS to this post. Sunday is also the first day of daylight savings robbing me of another hour of sleep!

Any way it unfolds, this will be an amazing weekend! Probably just one more post before I go – take care, Go BULLDOGS! And May the Journey Never End!

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  1. I love the pre-trip excitement and preparation almost as much as the trip. Well, I exaggerate a little … but enjoy your football this weekend and have a safe flight! I look forward to your South American posts. Are you going alone or with family?

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