High Life at the Hyatt, Canberra

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So – confession. You know this old backpacker seems to be slowly moving away from backpacking! I mean, the HYATT! Okay, truth be told, I did not pay for this stay, it was a generous gift to my wife and I back at Christmas last year from my parents – two nights at the Hyatt, Canberra, with a selection of extras (which we didn’t really use, bar the breakfast), which was $399 (Australian).

hyatt canberra exterior

This was an offer that claimed up to $1400 worth of value. Checking on the website it seems our King Room is normally $250 ish a night. So even with the package of extras which included free breakfast (they charge $39 for the buffet breakfast, we had two each), a couple of vouchers for a massage at Endota spas valued at $50 in total I think, a couple of other discounts on balloon rides and Segway rides which we didn’t use (I was tempted to try the Segway though, just not enough time) I think it would have been a stretch to reach $1400. There was also 2 for 1 champers at the bar which we didn’t end up using.

Yes! A couch!
Yes! A couch!

Still, it’s a significant saving of around $260 of value for what we used. The room? It had a King-Sized bed which was very comfortable. It was very spacious, there was a couch! Awesomeness! Desk, free wifi (oh that was part of the deal too, I think you normally have to pay for it), cable TV, but the piece de resistance – the bathroom.
hyatt canberra bathroom 1

One awesome bathrub!
One awesome bathrub!

It was spacious, separate shower and bath, the bath was long, deep, superb. Yes I did have a bath, in fact I took two. Loved it! Great hot water, shaving mirror, bath robes, and the best scales I have ever used. Yes, it was completely inaccurate and told me I was 5 kgs less than I knew I was! Making me feel much better about myself!

hyatt entrance

The Hyatt itself has a historic-looking exterior, and it doesn’t look very big. That’s because it stretched back from the entrance for what seemed like forever. It’s only two (maybe three at some points) storeys high but it’s very big. Apparently much easier to book on the weekend because politicians stay there a lot (yes I am thinking about the tax I pay right now).

Panorama shot of the room.
Panorama shot of the room.

Breakfast was an awesome buffet, and we had dinner there one night and the food was really nice. Also had room service dinner the night before which was okay too. The staff were very helpful and used the word ‘sir’ and I never had to open the door myself to enter via the main entrance. There was also a decent gym (and massage) and pool with sauna and spa too.

hyatt canberra room

All in all, a very comfortable stay. And even at full price, not too outrageous especially for what you get. But I need to stop getting comfortable! South America beckons later this year and I will not be enjoying such places there! Well… not every night 😉 May the Journey Never End!


Andrew’s Ratings

Value for money – 4.5/5

Cleanliness – 5/5

Service/Friendliness – 4/5

Location – 4/5

Noise/Sleep Quality – 5/ 5

TOTAL – 22.5 / 25; (90 / 100)

Cost: $250 a night [without voucher] ish

I stayed from the 16th to the 18th of April, 2016


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