Air Crash Investigation Classic – Tenerife

air crash investigation banner copy

Okay. So I have a bit of a confession. Despite my love of travel, yet more to the point my fear of flying, I can’t get enough of the TV series Air Crash Investigations. Recently I spent time binge watching episodes online, it has a certain mesmerising power over me. I can’t stop watching despite seeing the horrible possibilities when something goes wrong.

Perhaps it has a more reassuring effect in reality. Long term. I mean the odds are actually tiny that one would be involved in a crash or some other sort of disaster in the air. Driving a car is far far FAR more likely to result in fatality. In fact, I remember reading once that more people die each year in donkey related accidents than in air accidents.

Here’s an episode I found incredibly mesmerising. The deadliest in terms of deaths accident in aviation history, or so it says. Tenerife, two aircraft, over five hundred deaths.

Take care, and May the Journey Never End!


  1. Yezz, just watched the first 2 min and I get too stressed watching that stuff. I know about that story though. Scary.

    Frank (bbqboy)

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