The Women of Iran

Hi all. Well, as some readers of the blog will know one of my favourite countries I have ever visited in the world is the incredible country of Iran. The history is brilliant, some of the cities should be UNESCO heritage sites in their own right (for example, Yazd) and the people are the friendliest, …

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Retro Vlog – Exploring Dubai, 2007!

Howdy all! Today I thought I would share an old (very) video of mine from Dubai - look how young I am!! My vlogging has certainly improved! But I though it was pretty interesting one regardless. Shot in 2007, edited in 2010 and uploaded to YouTube in 2014! Enjoy! Thanks for popping by! May …

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Lifting the lid on Libya with Indigo Traveller!

Libya has been 'no go' for a few years now, and even though things have improved somewhat in terms of security in the last few years, it's still notoriously hard to get a visa for this country that has seen so much upheaval and instability since the Arab Spring. 'Indigo Traveller' shared three videos from …

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