Muscat’s Incredible Grand Mosque

Sometimes photos say way more than words can. This is the Grand Mosque in Muscat - the Mosque of Sultan Qaboos, who passed away in 2020. It's probably the number one thing to see in Muscat. Hopefully the photos show you why! From the Main Road outside Ladies' Prayer Hall Main Prayer Hall Chandelier in …

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Muscat’s Mutrah Corniche, scene of the Fall!

Howdy all hope this post finds you well! Well these pics come from Muscat which I visited a couple of weeks ago but finding the time for everything is getting tricky. The Muscat Mutrah Corniche is a dazzling spot in town with a large souk, a fort and wonderful views with the Sea of Oman …

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Underwater with Sea Turtles in Oman

Howdy all! Today I present to you the video of swimming at the Daymaniyat Islands off Muscat, Oman where I swam/snorkelled with Sea Turtles and many brightly coloured fish and more! It was a brilliant day so come along with me and see just what it was like! Enjoy! Thanks for popping by! May …

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