Muscat’s Mutrah Corniche, scene of the Fall!

Howdy all hope this post finds you well! Well these pics come from Muscat which I visited a couple of weeks ago but finding the time for everything is getting tricky.

The Muscat Mutrah Corniche is a dazzling spot in town with a large souk, a fort and wonderful views with the Sea of Oman right there and mountains in the background.

It was climbing down the steps of the Mutrah Forr that I slipped somehow and fell a couple of steps. My Nikon DSLR however was over my right shoulder and that fell down what was a steep rocky hill, almost a cliff around 15 metres with no lens cap on. I watch the view screen pop out as it tumbled and thought ‘Well that’s the end of that’. But the result was the view screen full of cracks and the filter cracked and smashed but otherwise it works as it did! Took the photo above before removing the glass from the cracked and smashed filter.

Two wonderful Pakistani guys helped me out I have a bad graze on my right arm. It’s still not 100% healed but almost now two weeks later. It really could have been so much worse!

Anyways enjoy the photos because despite misfortune I can’t deny what a stunning spot it is!

Thanks for popping by! May the Journey Never End!


5 thoughts on “Muscat’s Mutrah Corniche, scene of the Fall!

  1. I hope you are feeling better. The light is really transparent in this place and makes everything beautiful. There’s still this mix of tradition and western influence, like two temptations coming together.

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