Victoria’s beautiful Otways – Through My Lens

Hi all. Today it’s a pictoral post for you all, presenting the beautiful Otways a bit over 2 hours from Central Melbourne on the South-west coast of Victoria. I’ll be giving you more of a description of the trip on Tuesday (you know, one with more ‘words’ :P) so stay tuned, but for now enjoy the photos of this glorious location!

Art Reach Cafe

Next we have the amazing little walk – ‘Mait’s Rest Trail’

The Fly Otways attraction has a treetop walk, an Enchanted Garden and zipline fun, however only the treetop walk was open when we visited.

Tree on the Mait’s Rest Trail

Cape Otway juts out into the ocean with so much beauty, and some interesting dead trees as well. Not to mention the Cape Otway Lighthouse!

Thanks for popping by today! May the Journey Never End!


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