My Most “Controversial” Vlog?

Howdy all. A quick post of reflection for you today. In the last two years, of all the vlogs I have put up on YouTube, this one below where I visited the Melbourne General Cemetery is the one that has the most views, approaching four thousand in a bit over a year.

I’m not the only one to shoot something in this historic and extremely significant place, but I must say although I wondered briefly if some might take exception to it, I felt that as it was a pretty historic place and the history of it and the significant people in Australian history who were buried there, including the hero of the Eureka Stockade Peter Lalor and several Prime Ministers amongst them, that I would be on safe territory.

However I have been surprised by the occasional comment from people attacking me for shooting this one, calling it disrespectful and there’s been some name calling too directed at me. I have decided on a policy of not engaging in this kind of messaging as I don’t see it goes anywhere positive or worthwhile, and I largely suspect that most people who leave these comments haven’t actually watched the video. I certainly didn’t run around jumping on graves or saying bad things about the people buried at the cemetery. It’s been a while since a similar comment but I got the one below earlier in the week.

Usually I also delete them but as this one wasn’t as personally attacking as some I decided to let it stand without response. I feel 100% sure this person did not watch the video, or at best watched the first minute and decided where the video would go. As my audience seems to grow, ever so slowly this year, I guess the more people that watch my videos the greater the chance of negative comments.

This week I also crossed 450 subscribers so that was a positive! This year it seems things have moved more slowly than last year. 1000 subscribers still seems a long way off. Anyways, I wanted to share today! Would really appreciate the support of subscriber if you would like too.

Thanks for popping by today. Take care, and May the Journey Never End!


6 thoughts on “My Most “Controversial” Vlog?

    1. I hope so Ro! It’s really felt like it’s all slowed down. I think probably a lot of my videos are not of well known places (ie local places here) which doesn’t attract a lot of attention. Anyways, thanks for your support!

  1. Like you, I love visiting cemeteries, they look so different from country to country. You have my support to continue to show this part of the cities, with respect of course, as you do!

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