Best Vlogs for 2022 So Far!

Howdy all. I thought for the final, ‘extra’ Sunday of the month I would do a blog about what I think have been the best vlogs I’ve put out on Youtube this year. So anyways…. here we go!

Firstly I have this episode of ‘Melbourne Revealed’ I did – the last one of this series, which isn’t one of my favourites, but it IS the most watched ‘Melbourne Revealed’ of 2022 (so far!). It’s when I tried out Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

All in all, the next video is the MOST watched video I have put out this year. Flight reviews seem to generally do quite well so it’s probably not surprise that this has proven the most watched video of the year, and that is my flight experience (including me waiting desperately for my PCR result at the airport to see if I could get on the plane) on Virgin Australia. Shot late last year but uploaded this year.

This one below is my favourite of the last 6/7 months – the ‘Melbourne Revealed’ episode I shot with Adrian Valenta when we went to ACMI – the Australian Centre of the Moving Image. A great little museum but boy did we have fun that day!

This one below I think deserves a few more views than it has got. I take the viewer to Victoria’s Buchan Caves and explore some beautiful and fascinating underground scenes with this one!

Finally, I will leave you with my experiences on board the Overland – the train from Adelaide to Melbourne (also and vice versa but not in this instance!) It’s proven fairly popular too and was certainly a memorable experience.

Unfortunately I am still to go back overseas, and that’s likely to stay that way until at least the end of the year. I do look forward to doing proper travel vlogs from international locations in the future though! If you’d like to subscribe to my channel, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for popping by in today. Take care wherever you may be – and May the Journey Never End!


6 thoughts on “Best Vlogs for 2022 So Far!

    1. well you’ve seen it now John! Yes I felt after editing it that it was a good one – although I didnt BEFORE editing. sometimes you dont know if youve got anything good until you are in the editing mode!

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