2022 So Far – In Pictures!

Howdy all! Well, 2022 is rolling by as I mentioned earlier in the week, and so I thought I would summarise my travel exploits in photos for you. Most of these come from my phone, hence you will see the watermark I accidentally activated and then was too lazy to work out how to remove for months. Anyways, today is supposed to be a pictorial post, some will be photos you may have seen before, some will not! Enjoy!

Mt Baw Baw Trip – February

Merimbula – March

Shooting Melbourne Revealed

Gold Coast Trip April

Thanks for popping by! May the Journey Never End!


9 thoughts on “2022 So Far – In Pictures!

    1. Great that you are scratching the itch to travel although it may not be to the exotic locations you usually like to go to. Have you currently any plans to go further afield? I was in Narita yesterday and it was a ghost town, now I am in Helsinki and its crazy busy – what pandemic type vibes!!

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